Mar 5, 2011

Where to begin. The house is absolutely gorgeous and whatever you may have needed- it was there. It is such a cozy house with a perfect location. You feel like you have stepped into your own house- books, movies, every appliance you can think of- you name it- it is in the house.- Steve and Deb thought of everything. It is right across from a beach and the snorkeling there is pretty good for shallow water. I consider the vacation with eight other women staying at this house my privilege. Aruba is absolutely gorgeous- quaint and plenty of beautiful beaches and fish. We considered everything just moments away since the island is so small. Baby Beach was my favorite- I saw a fishas big asmy head and torso- I felt my eyes get as big as silver dollars and my heart palpatating until I realized- okay he is a fish- enjoy the beauty and wonder- and I did. I could have snorkeled all day every day but compromises are to be made when there are 9 of you. We took a tour which went to several places and the Natural Pool is one of the most incredible things you could ever imagine- it was majestic. Our guide was a gem- sense of humor, very knowledgeable and hey if you can hang with 9 women- you have to be pretty good. "Downtown" is far from what we here call downtown. It too is small and quaint with places to shop and eat. The hotel district also has some great places to eat- I avoided the chain restaurants and went with local places and was never disappointed. We had three girls who stayed only 4 days and theydid NOT want to leave. Six of us have already put in for our vacation for the same week which was the last week in September- three did it when they got back and I did it on Jan 3. We cannot wait- when we see each other it is all we can talk about- what we did and what we wanto to do. Our motto was: "What Happens in Aruba Stays in Aruba" For the life of me I cannot remember the local beer they make in Aruba but my girls sucked it down like water- they thoroughly enjoyed it. The brewery is not far - nothing is really far when you are talking about a small island. We hated to see the week end and we were sad to leave but we all knew we would be coming back and now we know the lay of land- WATCH OUT ARUBA- A MAGNIFICENT SANCTUARY- whether you are out and about or at the gorgeous home of Steve and Deb's. I thank you for the opportunity to stay at your place and cannot wait until the end of September this year. VIVA ARUBA VIVA ARUBA VIVA ARUBA