Beverly W.

Nov 8, 2009

Couldn't have asked for anything better for our family vacation than this wonderful location. The house is fabulous, but the beach across the road is beyond words. The kids, who are 12 and 8, practically lived with snorkel gear on (graciously provided by Deb & Steve along with all kinds of other beach gear)! The calm, shallow beach waters were perfect for our 5 yr old to play. We drove by the Palm and Eagle beaches over in the high rise area, and while the beaches were beautiful, I would never trade them for the quiet, almost private, beach across the street. We almost always had the beach entirely to ourselves! It was truly a home away from home. It also provides a great view of the true Arubans and their way of life since it is out of the commercialized hotel/casino area. I would definitely stay in this exact place again and would recommend it to anyone.