Chuck E.

Apr 11, 2012

This was our second time going to Aruba and the second time that we stayed at this wonderful place. I submitted a review last year titled Aruba Disney....NOT! The house without question is a wonderful place to stay. It is a home away from home. It has everything that you want. The place is clean and well kept. I wish I could call it my own which I did for a week. Steve and Debbie are easy to get in touch with if there is a problem. Debbie even left a voice mail on the home phone making sure everything was OK. The place sleeps 8 very easy. We had 4 adults and 4 kids. The boys slept in the main living area on a day bed and an air mattress. Adults and the girls each had a bed room. Enough about the house, If you have never been to Aruba, you need to go. Not only do you need to go but you need to stay away from the High rises and low rises and experience the true Aruba. One of the couples mentioned to me when we went up to the tourist section that this place really is two countries in itself. The north end (tourist) has all that traffic, expensive restaurants and just to Americanized. Go to Florida if you want this. Now if you want to see what Aruba is like and experience the people that live in Aruba, this is the place to stay. If this house is not located then somewhere near. There are great restaurants at reasonable prices in Savaneta. Just south of the house, you need to check out Zeerovers. Our group ate all the fish, shrimp, fries, bananas for $70 and beers were $2 each.Also in Savaneta there is La Granja. We bought two whole chickens for $20. They also have huge portions of side items. Further south in San Nicolas heading to baby beach we found a bakery next to the polis station that is open till Noon. Wife and I were the only locals there. I bought breakfast items for $12 for the eight of us. And finally the best place to eat on that side of the island. Costa Riba by far was great. I had curry duck on Wed and Read Snapper on Friday. The snapper was only $20. Most people think Aruba is too expensive. Don't get me wrong, flying a family of 4 down there is the biggest $$$$. But once you get there, rent a house eat at the local establishment, enjoy the free beaches and soak up the culture. Steve and Debbie, you have a great place, we cannot make it in 2013 but we are shooting for 2014. We will be staying at your place. Thanks for sharing your house and a little piece of Aruba with us.