Jun 17, 2009

How many different ways can you say "PARADISE"!!!!How many of us have looked at vacation brochures and websites and seen wonderful looking vacation spots; only to get there and wonder what camera took those pictures? Well I'm here to tell you that there is not one picture on this website that I have not personally seen through my own eyes. Every time I looked out the front window in the morning, slid open those patio doors to expose the whole front of the house, to the beautiful view, it took my breath away. A calm breeze was always present but I would never describe it as windy like the other end of the island can be.The place is very roomy and I never once felt like we were on top of each other. What a treat for everyone to have their own room and full bath. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset each and every night from our very own "Happy Hour" location, right on the front porch. The one exception was the one we enjoyed after a short walk to the end of the street for dinner at wonderful small restaurant right on the water. Every day was spent sitting, on what we thought, was our own private beach. We snorkeled, read, had a few cocktails and then repeated...Because I'm limited to "up to 3000 characters" I won't be able to tell you all that I experienced, but I do not hesitate to say it is impossible for you to be disappointed when you stay at this property. Make sure you arrange to have dinner at the "Flying Fishbone" and "The Driftwood".This is definitely is a do over and over and over again location. I can’t wait to return.